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    Weblogic 12c REP-501: The specified database cannot be connected

    José García

      Hi all, please your help.


      I have a problem when executing it outside the form builder,


      from the call http: // localhost: 9001 / forms / frmservlet? Config = webutil_webstart


          the report works well from the formbuilder and runs smoothly

          but when executing it from the direct url, I do not run the report,


      I do the validation on the server with showjobs the error that I have is


      The report ended in error:

      REP-501: The specified database can not be connected ..


      Maybe you can give me a hand where I would be missing some configuration.


      I have done the following


      in file rwnetwork.conf (ReportsServerComponent, ReportsToolsComponent and WLS_REPORTS\application\reports_12.2.1\configuration)

      <namingService name="Cos" host="" port="9003"/>


      before RUN_REPORT_OBJECT i have


      hidden_action := hidden_action||'&userid='||


      hidden_action := '/reports/rwservlet'||'?_hidden_server=rep_wls_reports_desktop-ias9dqq'||encode(hidden_action);


          SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY (repid,REPORT_OTHER,'pfaction='||hidden_action||''||'paramform=yes');


          v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid, pl_id);

          rep_status := REPORT_OBJECT_STATUS(v_rep);


      in ReportsServerComponent\rep_wls_reports_desktop-ias9dqq\rwserver.conf


      I change to


      <!--security id="rwJaznSec" class="oracle.reports.server.RWJAZNSecurity"/-->

      <job jobType="report" engineId="rwEng"/>



      Starting Servers

      Start the Node Manager

      Start the web Logic admin server

      Start Wls_Forms

      Start namingservice.bat 9003

      Start Wls_Reports

      Startcomponent.cmd rep_wls_reports_desktop-ias9dqq



      After doing everything, all services go up without problems.


      first testing from formbuilder the form is executed and the button to call the report works without problems.


      I release the form, I execute from the url in a browser, I call the menu, I log in, I call the form, it runs without problems extracting the information from the database, by clicking on the report button I have the error mentioned in showjobs

      informe ha terminado con error:
      REP-501: The specified database cannot be connected..