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    Thoughts on using Eclipse for scripting @customer environment. Need advice


      Hi everyone,


      So far I have been using Notepad++ for Jython scripting. I feel that it is not so efficient as I can not really do debugging there.


      I would like to run Eclipse instead, but most of my clients are using VPN.


      Does any of you install Eclipse on your local computer and scripting towards client FDMEE environment(with VPN, whatever it is, cisco any connect, forticlient, sophos, check point...)????


      I myself not sure if this is feasible, but it is annoying for not able to see spacebar and whitespace with Notepad++ and the biggest fact that I cannot debug it towards client environment until I paste my script manually to their environment...



      Thoughts and advice?



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          I would ask the question do you really need to connect to the customer's environment to develop jython scripts, you can install an IDE like eclipse locally and develop, alternatively install it on a personal virtual machine which has FDMEE installed.

          It would all depend on the firewall restrictions and type of VPN connection you are connecting through, if it is multiple clients with different VPN solutions than it is probably more trouble and it is worth, nothing stopping you trying though.

          I would be surprised if you couldn't just develop most of the scripts locally first using an IDE.