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    Report Request Warning and Error on Normal Output Post Processor


      Hi all of Oracle Masters,


      I'm new at all and would like to ask a little and simple question.

      Would You please guide us to found the error.


      When all of our user try to request a report, it give warning or error status.

      then we check processes (Actual & Target) of OPP (Output Post Processor) on System Administrator > Concurrent > Manager > Administer, process (Actual & Target) shows (Values) 1.


      and when we try to deactivate and activate again, the request show Completed Normal


      But on OPP Log we don't find the error. (Attchment) Below is the Log of OPP :


      Dec 09, 2017 1:05:32 PM oracle.ias.cache.CacheInternal logLifecycleEvent

      INFO: JOC is initialized from oracle.apps.jtf.cache.IASCacheProvider.init, ver=, distribute=true, vid=23, coordinator=0, discover list=[[] segID=1]

      [12/9/17 1:05:33 PM] [main] Starting GSF service with concurrent process id = 52238.

      [12/9/17 1:05:33 PM] [main] Initialization Parameters: oracle.apps.fnd.cp.opp.OPPServiceThread:2:0:max_threads=5

      [12/9/17 1:05:33 PM] [Thread-14] Service thread starting up.

      [12/9/17 1:05:33 PM] [Thread-15] Service thread starting up.

      [12/9/17 1:05:47 PM] [OPPServiceThread1] Post-processing request 12198221.

      [12/9/17 1:05:47 PM] [52238:RT12198221] Executing post-processing actions for request 12198221.

      [12/9/17 1:05:47 PM] [52238:RT12198221] Starting XML Publisher post-processing action.

      [12/9/17 1:05:47 PM] [52238:RT12198221]


      Could you please Guide us to show the error?.


      Thank You