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    Correlated Sub-select in Peoplesoft Query?


      Hi All,


      I'd like to do a correlated sub-select for several fields in the top of my query. Can I do this within the Peoplesoft Query Manager or do I need to do this as a Connected Query?? If I can do this inside of the Peoplesoft Query Manager, can you offer some tips for how to do this?


      The SQL I'm using looks something like this. I get the Project ID from T1 and match it in my sub select to get the Project Name:




      (*/ Query 2 */ Select X.Project_Name From tablex X Where T1.Project_ID = x.Project_ID ) as "Project Name"



      */ Query 1 */

      SELECT A.Project_ID, B.*



      TablesA A,

      TablesA B



      A.id = B.id


      ) T1