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    Question Regarding Units of Measure Classes in EBS Oracle




      I really need your help because i am losing my mind trying to figure it out by myself, if someone know the answer please help me.


      Already searched The FAQ and all the documents i know that are related to this.


      My problem is this:


      In the process of implementing an EAM instalation I defined and created various Units of Measure classes


      Beside all the good classes that i need and want, there are a few i don t want to be there anymore, so i would like to delete them but everytime i try to do that i receive erorrs like:




      Now i know that there are some protections of when you can and cannot delete this classes, the ones I am aware of are that you cannot delete  a unit of measure that is base unit ,



      First of all i would like to know if there is possible in any way you could imagine to delete the classes I made and don t want to be there anymore. And if yes please advise me how to do that or how may i get to have that information.




      Thank you so much in Advance !