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    How to update context file location in EBS R12.2


      We are in process of upgrading the EBS R12.1.3 to R12.2 as
      in the Finish upgrade process

      we configured " Configuring the Oracle E-Business Suite
      Release 12.2 Application Tier"

      and in the "Configure upgrade R 12.2.0 instance "
      as the value

      and the configuration competed successfully.

      When we try to set the environment

      We see Fs1 top pointing to wrong context file and fs2 potting
      to right one..


      run file system:





      applmgr@njdbrtst $
      echo $CONTEXT_FILE



      Patch file system:


      cd /d30/app/applmgr/RTST/fs2/EBSapps/appl


      applmgr@njdbrtst $
      echo $CONTEXT_FILE



      Please let us know how to fix the fs1 context file location.