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    Blank Screen after ORDS install



      I'm trying to setup a new development environment.  I am using the following:


      OS:     Windows 10

      Database:     11.g


      Java:     JRE1.8.0_151

      ORDS:     ords.


      I received no Errors when I executed the ORDS install with: java -jar ords.war install advanced

      When I use the following URL I get a blank screen.  I use the URL http://localhost:9090/ords/apex


      I modified the ords/defaults.xml file to include the entry: <entry key="debug.printDebugToScreen">true</entry>

      so that I can display errors.  However I get no errors, I just get a blank screen.


      When I access Apex Admin, the screens display fine.  I use the URL http://localhost:8080/apex  with a workspace of INTERNAL.


      Any idea why ORDS isn't displaying any images?


      Thanks for checking.

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          I solved my problem.  I reinstalled everything on the new development environment.  However, this time I made sure that I used exactly the same version of APEX and ORDS as I had installed on the system I was cloning.  I think I ran into problems when I installed a the latest (newer) newer version of APEX ( and ORDS ( and then I restored data from my test system where I had Apex and ORDS installed.

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