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    Building a simple web service in ords..


      I am on ORDS, 11g R2 database.  I am trying to build a simple web service off of the simple emp table in the sample schema.  I have enabled the schema and the table to have restful access via sql developer.  Now I am getting hung up on the url to test the restful call..


      We are in an APEX environment and the typical url to access that is: https://apexd2.xxxx.xxx/ords_xxxd2/ (x's represent different text) so I was thinking url would be : https://apexd2.xxxx.xxx/ords_xxxd2/sample/emp


      Is there something I am missing?  Our DBA's are just getting associated with ORDS so its a learning experience for us all..


      Thank you,


      Tony Miller

      Los Alamos, NM