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    History xml file timestamp format




      I've recently upgraded to 17.3 from 3.2 and find now that I can't recover any code run in a worksheet from the History window. On closer inspection I can see that the XML history files are being created alright but contain timestamp elements in this format:




      There's obviously some conversion taking place or the wrong thing is being held here. Is there any way to configure this so my files can get picked up?

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          Gaz in Oz

          Leave the SQL Developer history files format alone.


          If you want to get the "timestamp" into readable format, then you can convert the epoch timestamp into readable form using:

          alter session set nls_timestamp_format = 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS.FF3';
          SELECT to_timestamp('1970-01-01', 'yyyy-mm-dd') +
                 numtodsinterval(1513762282594 / 1000, 'SECOND') readable
          FROM   dual;
          2017-12-20 09:31:22.594

          ...for example.