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    ORDS setup


      I've followed ORDS setup instructions and attempted to get it running on Big Data VM. Regretfully, althoug AutoREST appears to be working, there's no way I can get the Development connection to work. There is:

      1. username, which had to be created with java -jar ords.war user test_developer "SQL Developer",

      2. connection goes over http

      3. port is the port I used for ORDS setup, 9090

      4. server path, now here documentation is flaky, I have no clue where SQL Developer installed ORDS, so I left it to: /ords

      5. Schema/Workspace, which is again totally unclear from the documentation, I've tried /ordstest but no luck.


      Can anyone please let me know how can I find the correct parameters for developer connection to ORDS (it's the Rest development screen in SQL Developer where you should be able to define services)?