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    How to track the IP Address of a ran Concurrent program




      Is there any way to track the concurrent program which been ran on 21st December 2017 from which IP address?


      We are using same user for logging in and its difficult to find out who ran it.


      So is there any way to figure it out from which IP Address

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          Violeta F-Oracle



          There is no way to map directly a Concurrent Request with an IP address. Supposing the request was submitted from the form, the best you can do is to have "Sign–On:Audit" enabled at form level and use the steps from this note to try and find out the IP address:


          How To Find The IP Address Of The Client Machine From Where A Particular Forms User Is Connected ? (Doc ID 879092.1)


          Otherwise, to track info related to OAF / HTML pages (which cannot be tracked using Sign-on Audit), you can use Page Access Tracking (PAT). Page Access Tracking allows administrators to track application usage statistics and perform Web site traffic analysis. For Web-based applications based on the Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) or the Oracle CRM Technology Foundation (JTF), Page Access Tracking transparently captures application-rich context information for every user click.


          Please refer to the following document :

          Note 402116.1 Page Access Tracking in Oracle Applications Release 12


          The above 2 auditing options assume you already have them enabled when the user performed the action. If this is not the case, the best you can do is look into the access log files in $LOG_HOME/ora/10.1.3/Apache folder of the APPS server. The log contains information about users that access application by web browsers and keeps a track of operation that they made (Get / Post methods). However you will not be able to see what forms they accessed.



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