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    Best way to deploy ORDS application to another environment?


      Hi all,


      Assuming that you built a not so small application with ORDS and everything is nice and fine, what would be the best way to deploy it into the production / some other environment (different Oracle instance)?

      Regretfully "Installation, Configuration and Development Guide" doesn't tell anything about deployment (or it's not obvious where the deployment part resides).


      Obviously, clicking it all together in SQL Developer is not a serious option, since it's too much work and way too error prone.


      I can see that you could define everything with PL/SQL packages for REST data services (ORDS.Create_Module...), which would give you a code base to deploy to another environment.
      However, if you did your development using SQL Developer instead of ORDS. packages, is there a way to deploy ORDS repository to another environment?

      Is there a utility tool to use for deployment?


      If anyone can point me to the right direction that would be great.


      Best regards,