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    Extract Statistical data with FDMEE


      I am integrating EBS R12 with FDMEE, when I execute the extraction of Monetary data these are extracted correctly, however when in "Amount Type" select "Statistical" FDM does not extract any value.


      When I change the "Currency Type" to "Entered" and "Currency Code" I select a currency, for example "EUR", extracts correctly the data, however when i set the currency as "STAT" it does not extract any value. Reviewing the EBS database,  there is data in the POV selected for the import of statistics.


      According to the document (Doc ID 1591909.1)




      FDMEE can not extract the statistical data directly, unless a unit of measure (UOM) is defined for the accounts in EBS.


      My question is: how are these accounts processed in FDM and how can I differentiate the statistical data from the monetary one?


      Thanks in advance for your help!!