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    ADF-JHeadstart up-gradation loses the default functionality


      ADF-JHeadstart up-gradation from  (JDeveloper JHeadstart to (JDeveloper version and JHeadstart


      We have JHeadstart based ADF application JDeveloper JHeadstart

      Now by checking the compatibility matrix we are trying to upgrade the above version to mentioned 12c version.

      I have installed the JDeveloper version and also JHeadstart version.

      After application is upgraded successfully  from 11g to 12c version, I had run the JHeadstart Application Generator. But after running the Generator successful, Search Button, Reset Button and Cancel Buttons does not do any action. It does not call the the default methods generated by Jheadstart like advancedSearch(), clearSearchCriteria() methods etc from JhssearchBean however the same bean and methods are available inside the application. After Search button if I click the Cancel button it displays the search action in the table below.

      • Could any one please give me the solution how can I get my application run properly after up-gradation?
      • One more thing, we have done some changes through JDeveloper as well. Those JDeveloper changes are getting lost once we run the Jheadstart Application Generator.

      How can I get the application run after up-gradation to 12c with my existing JDeveloper changes...?


      Attached are the log files at the time of deployment and after edit button clicked after record displayed.