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    Adopting Program Canvas - Pros Cons and Tips and Tricks


      Hello Everyone,


      I wanted to see if we could start a discussion on how people are adopting Program Canvas into their organizations program flow.

      We have been moving our contact washing machines over and additional multi step programs that have simple logic.  i.e. shared filter and update rules.  We did this so that we could free up band width on our priority running program and to speed up some of our larger programs.  We saw in the transition that we did not have to recreate most assets to get the new Program Canvas running, and once in place we were able to look for additional inefficiencies and make a plane to update those.


      So, I wanted to see.  How is your organization transitioning to Program Canvas?  What are some pros and cons that you are seeing with the canvas?   If there was one thing you would like people to know/use on the canvas, what would that be?


      Thank you everyone for your input.  With there being so many creative things you can do inside of Eloqua it is always nice to see what people have come up with.


      Have a wonderful day!

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          Mr Thee

          hi there,


          Every time we need to make a 'substantial' update to an existing Program, we make a new one as a Program Canvas. For the steps not currently supported in the canvas (eg; integration steps) we then would have a Program for only that one unsupported step.


          This way we're slowly migrating our existing programs which are so much easier to edit.



          • so much easier to make changes in a program canvas
          • faster execution times
          • more clear flow overview

          Con: for the unsupported steps you still need a program builder

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            Hi, we have also taken steps towards moving to program canvas, however the the lack of some program builder steps are hindering the process.

            As Mr Thee mentioned, the pros are faster execution, more user friendly design, more flexibility in connecting the different steps, the contact washing machine and better visibility over the workflow. As for the cons, the most annoying thing is the lack of integration steps as well as the fact that you cannot move contacts from program builder to program canvas, making it difficult to use program builder only for the unsupported steps.



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              Thanks for you input. 

              1st thing I will say is, that it will run faster. 

              Then we look at what we can consolidate and move that to a program canvas.


              In some of the larger programs that we are moving over, I am wondering if how fast program canvas moves will have an effect.