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      Hi Experts,


      I have three related questions on dates and date functions as follows:

      1. As documentation explains @DATEDIFF (date1, date2, DP_Day) should give the number of days between two different dates, but it does not. It simply gives zero '0'.
      2. Nor the function @DATEPART (date1, DP_Week) seemed working properly. Whatever the date is it always show 34.
      3. Another date related question is that if I input 31/5/2018 in a member with Date property, it would store the date property. But when I change the property of that member to Unspecified it changes the date to 20180530 instead of 20180531. When I change the property back to Date it starts sowing 31/5/2018 again. In other words, with Unspecified property, Essbase store the date for a one day back. Is it the expected behavior?





      Adnan Arshad.