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    How to invoke Oracle Apps while running code from Jdeveloper


      Hi Gurus,


      I am new to jDeveloper. I have changed the code to add some validation for the checkout button on Shopping Cart page. When I try to run it from Jdeveloper, I need to invoke Oracle Apps and check if the validation works fine or not.


      I am able to put the code in unix in appropriate directory, compile and see that it works fine from Oracle Apps front-end but I am not able to do the same from jDeveloper.


      So my question is how can I invoke Oracle Apps from jDeveloper. My Oracle Apps version is 12.1.3 and I am using JDeveloper patch Patch 9879989.


      While running the code from jDeveloper I am getting the following error :


      (oracle.jbo.ConfigException) JBO-33005: Configuration ReqMgmtAMLocal not found


      Please note that I have specified default run target as ReqMgmtAMImpl.class under Launch Settings ( which is under Run Configuration ). I have changed the default run target to various other files but getting similar error message.


      Please advise.