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    Cloning and Appsutil




      Happy new year.

      on R12.1.3 DB

      On my DEV system,

      I duplicate only data base from production. I keep the application server directories (APPL_TOP, INST_TOP, COMMON_TOP, ....)


      To run autoconfig on DB tier, should I generate appsutil from PROD Application server and copy on DEV DB tiers or not?


      If yes why?

      If not why?



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          You should only regenerate appsutil.zip at all if you apply any autoconfig template patches to the production system.  If you had done that, you would need to clone the $APPL_TOP/$COMMON_TOP from production to your target anyway.  Then you could build the latest appsutil.zip from the target after cloning and deploy the DB templates to the database Oracle Home as normal after cloning.


          Using AutoConfig to Manage System Configurations in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Doc ID 387859.1)