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    LOOKUP Dimension in FDMEE




      I have one general question regarding the lookup(Target Dimension Class) in FDMEE


      if I have got a look up dimension in the target application, am I supposed to get the member columns for the lookup dimension in the .DAT file(which get created in the outbox folder)


      For example:

      I have a custom dimension which look up the values from UD9 column of OPEN_INTERFACE table.




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          No they are not exported as they don't affect the target application.


          From the docs:

          "Lookup dimensions can be created and assigned with data columns for target applications. Lookup dimensions are used for mapping and reference. They can only be used in Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition and do not affect the dimensionality of a target application"





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            Hi John, Thanks for your response.


            In our case, the target application details has


            Y dim = Y dim

            X dim = Lookup(Y dim)

            Z dim - Z dim


            currently Y,Z is getting exported not X(as you said). I want X & Z to be exported not Y


            Is there a way get it exported into the target application( any setting at FDMEE tables )? 



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              Configure the FDMEE dimensions correctly and you will get the desired result. From the limited details you have provided it seems that dimension Y should be the Lookup dimension and X & Z normal dimensions to be exported. However, it is difficult to comment further as you give no details/context of how you are trying to make use of a lookup dimension. As John has mentioned LOOKUP dimensions are not exported to the target application and there is no setting that will override this behavior.