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    FDMEE - Data Import issue


      Hi ,


      I am using FDMEE  application and trying to import approximately 65000 records.


      I got the below error message while processing data import. Could you please provide your suggestion to resolve this issue?


      Error during processing of data: expected str or unicode but got <type 'NoneType'> 


      Additional Notes:


      I am able to import the records successfully after restarting the FDMEE services.



      Aravindh K

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          You are probably going to have to provide more information, turn up the process log level to 5, where about in the process is it failing, post around the error (not the whole log)

          Does it always error as the same stage in the process? You say it works after restarting the service, how many times before it stops working.

          Are import and mapping scripts part of this load?

          Are there any other errors in the FDMEE web app logs at the same time.





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            What's your source type? Is it EBS, Peoplesoft, Flat file..?

            Check the ODI operator, aif-webapp.log for more information about this error.

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