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    OBIEE 12c - How to configure a new Java Jome?


      Hi everyone,  Please let me know if I have the wrong thread for this questions.


      I am very new to OBIEE 12.  I installed it a few months ago and it is currently used for development only.  Problem is, I need to patch it and I can't get it back up after I applied the JAVA PATCH.  Hoping someone can tell me the process changing the JAVA home for an OBIEE 12C install.


      Here is where I am: (This is a widows 2012 box and all OBIEE and repository are together on same server. )

      • Installed new JAVA HOME 8u151 and renamed the old JAVA HOME
      • OBIEE will not restart.
      • Added new environment variable JAVA_HOME  better but still OBIEE will not start
      • Updated E:\oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\oracle_common\common\bin\commBaseEnv   to new home but still  OBIEE will not start.


      Can anyone tell me what other files need to be changed?


      Thank You!!