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    F3 button does not work after pressing ctrl+F if no match until end of worksheet

    Mustafa KALAYCI

      Hi All,


      Version (also in


      in a worksheet if I want to search something and there is no match from current cursor position to end of worksheet, F3 button is not working and by saying working, I expect searching to start from the beginning of the worksheet again when I pressed F3. search functionality find the first occurrence of match but F3 stop working. from that moment if I click anywhere on the worksheet (even there is no match from cursor position to end of file) F3 button is working again. here is an example:


      cursor is located at before the select statement and there is no "bla" after current position of cursor.


      when I pressed ctrl+F and search for "bla" :


      search finds all "bla"s and locate to the first match but F3 is not working anymore.


      is this a bug?