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    Unable to load data in FCCS from  FDMEE




      I am new to cloud. I am trying to load data in FCCS from FDMEE available over cloud. I am able to export data from FDMEE( all fishes turned golden ) but data is not getting loaded into FCCS.


      I don't see any error in log file, but there is below statement in log file -


           2018-01-09 12:28:58,945 DEBUG [AIF]: No need to connect to Essbase server.



      Also, I can see there is I can also see output file (.dat) in outbox folder.


      When I am trying to load this output file through FCCS ‘import Data’ window, I am also getting error -

           Unable to derive load dimension name from 4 column header record for data load (/SDM:<autodetect>)


      Please help me on this issue.