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    Primavera P6 Update Query


      Morning All,


      I'm gonna cut straight to it.


      I've created a schedule in P6. At the time of creating the schedule a few weeks back, I had to set the starting date of the project to way back in the past (project has an Notice to Proceed (NTP) of a given date, and all prior document submittals, reviews etc etc had to occur before that, so that the NTP appears on a given, immovable date in the schedule (I know this isn't an ideal approach but that's what the boss wants so sue me!!). Essentially, to reach this critical date, I had to set the data date back almost six months prior. The problem is my entire project start is now constrained to this start date (which is my data date)


      The problem is I now need to do a schedule update, and all update procedures I have found involve moving the data date and rescheduling-simple.


      The questions are these: 1) Have I taken a wrong approach to setting my start date (which is way in the past) by using the data date to constrain it there? If this is the case, what approach should I take?

      2) Is there any way to do a project update and move the data date as normal but leave my project start as it is?


      At the moment, when I move the data date my entire project moves with it.


      Thanks in advance, i'm tearing my hair out figuring this out.

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          Bill Claveau

          Are you still looking for a solution to this?  If so, are you scheduling historical activities, or are you simply trying to move the Project Start Date back to some point before your earliest scheduled activities (e.g. NTP Milestone)?


          In either case, it seems you may not be clear on how Project Start and Data Date work (and maybe progress update in general). The Project Start date identifies the start (or earliest) point from which you will schedule project activities, and P6 will not let you schedule activities prior to this date. The data date does not "constrain" the project start.  You can move the project start back any time. The Data Date (aka Status Date),  is the earliest date from which remaining work will be scheduled. The Data Date can be thought of as the line between the past and the future (progress and forecast) in the schedule. The Data Date is moved forward at each update in conjunction with applying progress to activities (i.e. Actual Starts and Finishes, % complete, etc.).  Any activities not marked "started" and/or "finished" will automatically reschedule to the next earliest dates ON or AFTER the Data Date.  There are other things to understand as well, but I suspect the main problem is that you are creating historical activities but not applying actual start and finish dates to before moving your Data Date.


          Let us know what you've figured out and what else we might help clarify for you.