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    Custom Top Issue


      Hello All,


      I have tested one scenario as below.


      1) Created one custom top and created all the necessary directories in APPL_TOP.(XXTOP)

      2) Created entry into the context file.

      3) Ran AutoConfig.

      4) Removed entry from Context File and Deleted entire custom top. (rm -rf)

      5) Ran Auto Config.




      Entry automatically appeared into context file again which I already deleted and physical directories also has been created which I have done rm -rf.


      Anyone could you please help me to understand how autoconfig done this ?



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          Just updating context file to include may not work properly


          For 12.2 the Note to be referred is as following,

          Creating a Custom Application in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1577707.1)


          Hope this helps to understand the details.

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            EBS Version :- 12.1.1

            DB Version   :-


            Actually Now I want to exclude this custom top from my environment.

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              For 12.1 , there is no supported method to remove custom top.

              Product tops, Oracle or Custom, are not intended to ever be removed. Once a product has been implemented it is intended to remain on the system for the life of application.

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                Yes. Well here the scenario is, In production, by mistake earlier someone changed values in the context file. What he did is, he changed the path of custom application.


                So whenever Autoconfig runs, actual entry is wiping out and again wrong directory assigned to custom top and whenever user tries to access it, error will start to come.


                So just for workaround, we are copying the content from actual directory to wrong one and applications start to run normal.


                Let me know if you have any confusion. We just want to overcome from it and want only one directory which will point to custom top.

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                  Revert back the changed the path of custom application to original value context file after a backup to recheck the issue.

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                    Yes.. I did..Still, after autoconfig path is appending into the customfile and directory structures are also being created under appl_top.

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                      After you removed everything, have you checked $APPL_TOP/admin/topfile.txt to make sure its not there?  as well as $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.2/forms/server/default.env?  and make sure its not in $CONTEXT_FILE? 


                      Did you register the application in Oracle?  Make sure its not in there.  (> Application > Register)


                      Once all is confirmed gone.... Then try running autoconfig?

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                        Change the custom file entry and add new custom file location in the appl_top and then remove the old custom file.




                        cat APPSPROD_eglprodxx01.env

                        >> here entry is -



                        And env file entry is - >> Change the entries to new custom top

                        bash-3.2$ more /orabin2/oracle/PROD/fs1/inst/apps/PROD_eglprodxx01/appl/admin/customPROD_eglprodxx01.env

                        XBOL_TOP=/orabin2/oracle/PROD/fs1/EBSapps/appl/xbol/12.0.0; export XBOL_TOP

                        APPLCSF=/staging/appbin/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_eglprodxx01/logs/appl/conc; export  APPLCSF

                        TIMEDPROCESS_TIMEOUT="-1"; export TIMEDPROCESS_TIMEOUT

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                          And now run auto config again..