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    Dashboard prompt oracle BI

    Eleftherios Bampaletakis

      Hi there,

      I have a problem and I was wondering if I am the one on earth having this issue or not!
      I have a repository which includes a session variable, let's say that this variable is the year.

      I have created an analysis based on that repo and I assign a value to that session variable

      through a dashboard prompt. Everything is OK until I want to filter the results using an

      additional criterion. This additional criterion is based on a column of the table of the results.

      The thing is that this additional criterion has values only for the values included in the first run.

      To be more precise if I run the dashboard for the year 2018, then there are no results yet so the

      additional criterion includes only a Null value. If I run the dashboard for 2017, there are results,

      and the additional criterion is not populated with new values, so I can filter the results. Do you happen to

      know how this is done?

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          Martin van Donselaar

          Well, you cannot assign values to Session variables using a prompt, for that you need a Presentation variable. Other then that I do not really understand what you are trying to accomplish.

          Please post some example results and expected results.

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            Eleftherios Bampaletakis

            I cannot assign values to Session variables using a prompt, but I can if I use dashboard prompt. I know that it is a bit complex to explain. I have a dashboard which includes two sections.

            The 1st has a prompt and the 2nd section has the analysis. The dashboard prompt on the 1st section has 2 filters the one is the year which is a prompt for request variable so as to

            set the session variable, the second is a column prompt (this is the additional criterion). This additional criterion is filled from the results based on year. Note that I have initialized the session

            variable to the rpd.




            If I have initialized the variable for 2017 the additional criterion includes all the values that exist for the year 2017. If i initialize the variable for 2018 (there are no results yet) the additional criterion has no value.

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              Gianni Ceresa

              Thanks to your second post I finally see what you are talking about as things were slightly confused in the first...


              So, first thing, yes you can override the value of a session variable from a dashboard prompt as long as in the RPD you checked the "Enable any user to set the value" checkbox for that variable. Which seems to be your case and so far no problem.


              What you expect is the second prompt field (column prompt) to be filtered by the value of the first prompt (the fact it sets a session variable has no impact on that). Right?

              Is the first prompt a normal column prompt defaulted to the session variable value? In that case just check the "limit by" option in the second prompt and it will work by itself, as said the "session variable" part doesn't impact at all the behaviour of that.

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                Martin van Donselaar

                ah ok, you are using a request variable. And your question is why the Second Prompt does not show any values in the list of values for 2018?

                Well, if it's based on 2018 and you say there are no results yet for 2018, then why do you expect values here?

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                  Martin van Donselaar

                  Gianni is right, use limit by if you want to limit one filter on the selection of an other

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                    Eleftherios Bampaletakis

                    In the limit by I cannot see the other prompt because it is a request variable. If I create another column prompt I can see it to the dropdown list. I tried by checking the All prompts choice

                    but with no luck. Yes for 2018 I would expect no results, but when I run the dashboard and I change the session variable to 2017 (I have results), there are no values to the second prompt.

                    It seems like the values for the second prompt are not refreshed. 

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                      Gianni Ceresa

                      You are like the 1-2 per week asking this same exact question again and again in the last few months (don't take it in a badly way, just means you aren't alone ).


                      You are ignoring what's the key element of OBIEE: the model. Things in OBIEE works all connected and fine when you adopt the approach of modeling things to match your business view of things.

                      That's why I said that you can ignore the variable and the fact you want to set it. Does the variable take random values? No, it takes values you have in a table in your system (I'm kind of sure, otherwise you build a super weird logic somewhere). Can't you use a normal column prompt instead of a request variable? Are you really using your variable as a filter of one of your LTS in the RPD?

                      Because by using a variable there you are outside of the model world of OBIEE, and so the tool can't just give you the "limit by" option as it will not know what to do with it.

                      What others (with the same question in the past) generally used as workaround is to hide the "apply" button of the prompt and make it auto-apply, so every time you enter a value on the first prompt it's like if you click on "apply", and this will refresh everything on the page (to apply the prompt) and so the second prompt also update with the values. But of course you get other side effects you maybe don't want because of that.

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                        Martin van Donselaar

                        You can create a column prompt for year, right? Then limit the other prompt by that and you should be fine.

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                          Eleftherios Bampaletakis

                          Sorry if I ask the same questions, but I didn't find any solution the last 2 days. It's not a table, it's a view and the query of the view has a function that returns the results. The autoapply

                          will not work, because I have tried to just click manually apply for the year and then try to set the other variable but it stills has no values. Probably there is problem to my model. I am

                          using obiee 3-4 months, so I cannot consider myself a pro on this field.