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    SQL Developer 17.4.0 is Buggy - ORA-00904

    Marcus B

      Previous Install: SQL Developer Release Build 279.0537; Java 1.8.0_144

      Current Install: SQL Developer Release Build 355.2349; Java 1.8.0_151

      OS: WIndows 7 Enterprise SP1


      I installed SQL Developer 17.4. yesterday and it seems to be buggy and I was wondering if any one else has experience problems.  I will be recommending to my team not to install this version.


      I thought maybe I had a download/extraction problem so I deleted the current SQL Developer folders, downloaded and extracted, again.  I did not make note of the issue from the first install.  During the initial startup with the first install, I selected my 17.3 preferences.  When it opened the layout was not the same as the layout I had in 17.3, no Report navigator, the DBA navigator nested as a tab to the right of the Connections navigator.  The  17.4 layout was the default with Connections navigator above Reports navigator and no DBA navigator).  I figured I would have to fix that with each install, no big deal.  On re-install to the same folder, I forgot to remove 17.4.0 preferences in my profile and when I opened 17.4 I was not asked if I wanted to use my 17.3 preferences and my layout was the same as it was in 17.3.  That was good.  Everything worked ok the rest of the afternoon even after installing MS Updates and restarting my laptop.  This morning I go to the DBA tab, connect to a database, expand Security-->Users and clicked on a user and received ORA-00904 (attached).  I think this is one of the errors I received from the first install.