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    Apex patch 5.1.4 changed the sort order of charts



      applied patch for apex 5.1.4 the sorted chart is now sorted differently.
      no changes were done to the chart.


      Problem Description
      We applied the apex 5.1.4 upgrade to our server.
      Now when running a page in apex a query sorted in ascending order appears in descending order.
      We are unable to turn it back.
      I have created a sample page on oracle apex

      application jmaag 2 id 86314
      workspace CHASE_TEST
      user name test
      password Test2018


      in the past this has worked and been sorted correctly I expect to see 9 above 11
      The last time this failed we had to change the time axis type for some reason to selected and/or automatic
      and then it sorted fine. Now it does not sort.
      i have tried to to_number the finish_line field in both the inner and outer query to see if that works. It did not.
      is this a bug in 5.1.4?

      this is the basic query


      select finish_line,q1,q2,q3,q4,q5,q6
      select 11 finish_line,20 q1,20 q2,10 q3,10 q4,10 q5,39 q6
      from dual
      union all
      select 9 finish_line,30 q1,5 q2,0 q3,0 q4,0 q5,0 q6
      from dual)
      order by 1;