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    Exporting reports question




      Can someone provide insight if the following could work in my case?


      I need to be able to export reports from application, ideally PDF, but Excel would work too, however I don't have custom templates for latter.


      I am aware that standard PDF export won't work for IR, in my Oracle XE database and APEX Embedded PL/SQL gateway. But should it work for Classic Reports at least? if so, I would build a link that opens a modal page for every IR that needs to be exported to PDF, and open it there as a classic report(so just copy IR content to modal but as a classic report). That way I would be able to use Enable Printing setting, and export needed data.


      But issue is, even with classic reports, when I click Print, it downloads the PDF file, but won't open the content, it just gives unspecified error.



      What are my options to export in any useful way? (using Oracle XE with APEX 5.0.1).