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    Updating or inserting records with comma formatted numbers


      Lets say I have a table where the columns are varchar2 and number.  My users want to see number formatting on all numbers and currency formatting on all currency.  So I create a form to show all of the table columns.  If I change the value of one item (varchar2 or number) and attempt to Apply Changes, I will get an error because one or more of the numeric items contains non-numeric value, i.e., commas and $ signs.  In Oracle Forms, this was not a problem because the number formatting was recognized as formatting, but in APEX this distinction is apparently not made. 


      How can this be handled?


      I have created javascript which either formats or unformats numbers when the mouse cursor enters or leaves the region in which the "Apply Changes" button is located.  But this is a cumbersome process.  Please help.

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          Hello Doug,


          If you're using the ARP (Automatic Row Processing) you can simply set the corresponding Format Mask attribute (under the Appearance section).

          E.g. for a currency, you could set "FML999G999G999G999G990D00". Then you could save either "$100", "100", "$100.00" or "100.00".


          You can test this easily using the Sample Database Application with the Products page.


          Hope this help


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            Thanks Max.  I've been using the legacy builder which does not format numbers as numbers.  It essentially changes the number to a string, or else you would be able to commit.


            I note that the formatting works only on database items.  If you have an item with the value selected via a sql query, you have to do the formatting with a to_char in the query, e.g., "select to_char(money,'$999,999,999.99') from whereever.  Please let me know if there is a better way to format non-database numeric values.