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    Missing HTTP Methods



      any reason why RESTful Services Handlers in the APEX 5.2 EA (and 5.1.x as well) only supports GET/POST/DELETE/PUT and not PATCH/OPTIONS/HEAD ?


      ORDS.DEFINE_HANDLER seems to accept other HTTP Methods in the p_method parameter - but i didn't try if it works yet.


      thanks in advance.


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          GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT handlers in ORDS  are setup to work with database work loads via traditional SQL and PL/SQL code blocks. ORDS will accommodate HEAD requests in order to run  the etag SQL and handle the cache checks


          but no, you can't define handlers outside those 4


          What are you looking to implement? 

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            Thanks for your reply,

            we have to build a REST API and i'm looking through my options. Requirement says API has to be "as RESTful as possible" including OPTIONS/PATCH methods.

            I think we can go without them but i'm asking myself if its planned to support them.