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    Aggregation Rule change behaviour in obiee 11g


      Hi friends,


      Im in obiee


      I have a measure column called budget in the report like below



      You can see the total of that report like 2824483.60 which is correct, but if you sum up all the values manually you will be getting only 814500.29 which is wrong. Hence wondering how come im getting my grand total 2824483.60 which is correct, inspite of the sum of the individual rows which is resulting in wrong total like 814500.29


      When i changed the aggregation rule from default to sum like below for the budget column





      Im getting the below report



      And now if i add all my individual rows im getting the correct grand total value like 2824483.60. Im not sure why this difference is happening for the particular accounts if my aggregation rule is changed from default to sum.


      You can see the value difference from the 1st and the 2nd report for these accounts 431110A,431120A,431122A,431121A.


      Not sure, what im missing in understanding the aggregation rule.


      Thanks in advance.