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    OBIEE 12c - how to calculate (and keep!) the value for the whole last year




      I need help with a kind on cumulative calculation in OBI 12c. I have an analysis with euros in certain times:

      - month = certain month value

      - month YTD = cumulative from the start of the year

      - month YTD previous year = cumulative from the start of the last year, for comparison to previous column

      - whole cumulative amount for the last year - THIS IS THE PROBLEM


      I have tried several ways to calculate it (in Admin and in analysis) but it just don't work and gives insane numbers. It should show the same amount all the time, no matter what is the base month in analysis. For example base month is 201704, this should show the whole 2016 value aka cumulative value for 201612. If base month changed to 201712, it should still show the whole 2016 value. How can I do this? Our time dimension is three levels, month-quarter-year.


      In analysis I have tried this, won't work (got this from Oracle support when we still got 11g): AGO((AGGREGATE("MyFact"."ActualEur" AT "D1 Period"."D1 Time"."Year")), "D1 Period"."D1 Time"."Year", 1)

      In Admin I have tried this, won't work either:  TODATE("MySubjectArea"."MyFact"."ActualEURPreviousYear", "MySubjectArea"."D1 Time"."Year")


      Thanks in advance!




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