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    Restrict user report data based on flexfield segment value




      We are on R12.1.3 with only one Operating Unit.


      We want to restrict report data based on users department which is maintained using second segment of accounting flexfeild. What is the best way to restrict data based on flexfield segments.


      For ex:

      We are segregating department data based on our second segment of general ledger flexfeild.



      01-301-15000-00000-00000           -          301 - Construction Division

      01-401-15000-00000-00000           -          401 - Lift Division


      When a user of 301 division runs General Ledger (180 Char) char, report should not include any data for 401 segment.  I tried to implement value set security but this will  only work with a validation type of Independent, Dependent, or Table.