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    several sqlplus settings not working properly in sqldev 17.4


      One of my colleagues, an experienced sqlplus user,  started to use sql developer and is not able to format the query results as he was used to.

      This is mainly being caused by the inability to use several sqlplus settings.

      For example "set numformat".

      We are used to being able to set this as "999g999g999d99", but now we get the error message:


      SP2-0246: Illegal FORMAT string "999g999g999d99"


      The string "999g999d99" is accepted, so it seems only one grouping seperator is accepted.


      Another thing is that when we set linesize to 132 in the login.sql (which is used in the preferences) and after logging in test how it is set we get:


      show linesize

      linesize 1301


      When we use the setting in the worksheet it seems to work properly.


      Is it me, who is doing something wrong? Or is sqldev not working as it should?