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    Need help how to identify the actual GL account that was hit by these adjustments


      Hi Team


      I have an oracle AR adjustment register for 2017, attached.  Is there a way that you can help me identify the actual GL account that was hit by these adjustments?  Ideally, I would need three information. (1) the nature of the adjustment (i.e. adjustment code – early payment discount, bank fee, etc); (2) the GL account that the adjustment is recorded; (3) the GL transition date.


      Can you please let me know if this can be done? Or is there already an AR existing report that will give me these information?



      XX USDAdjustment Register
      Functional Currency: USDPage: 1     /  16
      Reporting Level : Ledger
      Reporting Context : XX USD
      CompanySegment Low :
      CompanySegment High :
      GL Date From : 01/01/2017
      GL DateTo : 12/31/2017
      EnteredCurrency Low :
      Entered Currency High :
      Transaction Date From :
      Transaction DateTo :
      Transaction Due Date From :
      TransactionDue DateTo :
      Transaction Type Low :
      Transaction Type High :
      Adjustment Type Low :
      Adjustment Type High :
      Document Sequence Name :
      Document SequenceNumber From :
      Document Sequence NumberTo :
      CompanyPostable         Currency  Class
      --------------------------------------------------  ---------------  --------  ----------
      NumberTypeCustomer NameNumberInvoice DateDue DateNumberAdjustment TypeEntered AmountAmountD/I
      11111Invoice-ABC111112/18/20162/1/2017437031Line Adjustment-5,000     (43.40)
      11111Invoice-ABC111112/18/20162/1/2017437033Invoice Adjustm-1,000       (8.68)
      11111Invoice-ABC111112/18/20162/1/2017437032Line Adjustment-5,000     (43.39)
      3333333InvoiceDEF44443/16/20175/1/2017456028Invoice Adjustm-1       (0.01)
      4444444InvoiceDEF44447/26/20179/9/2017501032Invoice Adjustm-1       (0.01)