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    Change preparer


      Hi everybody,


      The user needs to cancel a requisition in the EBS but the preparer is inactive or not work in the company. how can i change by another active preparer?

      The Requisition is in status Approved.




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          You don't say if you are using forms or iProcurement....If it's forms, once the Req is approved, it cannot be changed.


          You don't have to be the preparer to cancel a requisition...You can still cancel it without changing the preparer information by using Requisition Summary>Tools>Control>Cancel Requisition if using forms.  If you are using iProcurement, search for the requisition and then select it >Cancel Requisition>Cancel Entire Requisition>Submit



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            Hi Janel.


            In the iProcurement page, when the user try to cancel the Requisition this error appears: "None of the lines on this requisition are eligible for cancellation."

            in forms, the option "Cancel" is disabled.






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              Do you have access to the Request Set 'Mass Update of Requisitions'? I found it under Purchasing Super User.

              I didn't try running it but it looks like you can put the person's name in there and who you want it updated to, and you can run it for a specific requisition number or you could run it so all that person's reqs are updated.

              If your Preparer's name does not appear in the 'Old Person' parameter, you may need to re-activate their employee account in order to run the request.  Then deactivate it again once you are done.

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                Please check document given below if this can help:


                Is Functionality Available to Mass Update the Requisition Buyer, Requisition Requester, and Requisition Preparer? (Doc ID 1082340.1)
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                  You can use the query below to query all requisitions and then you have to write your own data manipulation scripts


                  select prh.segment1, afu.description, afu.user_id

                  from po_requisition_headers_all prh, apps.fnd_user afu

                  where prh.preparer_id=afu.employee_id

                  and prh.created_by=afu.user_id;

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