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      Does anyone know what turns on PO_DEBUG and where it then logs?


      I am trying to step through what happens during Requisition Import, REQIMPORT, which looks to run PO_AUTOSOURCE_SV. 

      I see lots of debugging statements to PO_DEBUG.debug_stmt, that I would like to see. 

      I have enabled the profile option 'PO: Set Debug Concurrent ON' to Yes at my user level.

      I have enabled the profile option 'FND: Debug Log Enabled' to Yes at my user level.

      'FND: Debug Log Level' is set to Statement

      FND: Debug Log Module is null.

      I still don't see any of the statements in either the Log file for my Requisition Import request, or anything additional in applsys.fnd_log_messages.


      Is there something else I need to turn on to see these statements or somewhere else I need to be looking?