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    OBIEE 12c Users and Groups are Stored in Which File? jazn-data.xml? system-jazn-data.xml?


      So in 11g the XML file system-jazn-data.xml was used to store users and their groups.


      I noticed in 12c it seems to now have changed to /bi/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/authmodel/jazn/jazn-data.xml


      I was playing around with my user, and in enterprise manager, I am putting myself into different groups.


      I check in OBIEE under "My Account" and I can see my groups are getting updated.


      BUT when I check the jazn-data.xml, I dont see my new groups?


      So my question is, does it take some time to "propagate" my user group changes from EM into the jazn-data.xml file?


      Or is the jazn-data.xml the correct file even to find a users group?