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    Oracle SQL Developer Version and JDK 9 - UI problem?


      Hello, Everyone.


      I have noticed that in Oracle SQL Developer 17.4 Version with JDK 9

      in Preferences ellipses appeared in the menu items, for example:

      – Comp… instead of Compare

      – Datab… instead of Database

      – and so on.

      Additionally UI starting from splash screen looks like it would be in low resolution,

      while using JDK 8 everything looks normal.


      Here's how it looks with JDK 9


      and how it looks while using JDK 8



      I have experienced such behaviour on Windows 7 Enterprise Edition,

      while on macOS Sierra 10.12.6 it looks fine.


      It looks like that it has something to do with JDK or specific configuration on Windows.


      Has anyone noticed something similar?


      Thank you.