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        Andrew that is kind of good to hear.  Means I am not totally crazy.  I have been working with DougL-Oracle on the issue.


        I opened a new thread Solaris 11.4 beta autofs maps from ldap no longer functioning.


        to track the issue, though doug is working privately with me.  Feel free to update that thread and or contact doug with the issues.

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          (Please post new issues to a new thread next time, instead of burying them in this mega-thread where it's hard to see what's what and what's been replied to.)


          Unfortunately, a bug we didn't get fixed in time for the 11.4 beta release causes upgrades to fail with certain locale packages installed - the workaround is to --reject them as shown in Updating an Oracle Solaris 11.3 System to Oracle Solaris 11.4:


          # pkg update --accept --be-name 11.4.0 --ignore-missing \

          --reject system/input-method/ibus/anthy \

          --reject system/input-method/ibus/pinyin \

          --reject system/input-method/ibus/sunpinyin \

          --reject system/input-method/library/m17n/contrib \



          A pointer to this is also given in the Update Issues section of the Release Notes.   Since your error message lists a failure due to pkg://solaris/system/input-method/library/m17n/contrib, this seems likely to be the problem you hit.

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            Phil Harman

            Yes, sorry, I fixed that (edited the post)


            What I actually use is:



            pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g https://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/beta/ -c certfile -k keyfile solaris

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              Phil Harman

              899664 wrote:


              Problem with ESXi and the Solaris 11.4 iso used as a CD diskimage


              I was able to install Solaris 11.4 from the iso on ESXi 5.5 but on ESXi 6.5U1 I got this error for the cdrom device
              "The on-disk vtoc geometry is not valid. nhead: ; nsect: 1; count 1409432"

              I had the same on VirtualBox...


              It's just a pesky console error message that appears at just the wrong time, obscuring the list of valid input at the bottom of the screen.


              So unless you know what to type, it feels like it has hung.


              Just type Control-L to refresh, or ESC 2 to continue.

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                So, no more package manager graphical user interface for IPS ?


                Many packages have been marked as Obsolete but have not been replaced in this version.


                Beta means there wont be implemented in the release version ?


                So future of Solaris is less Graphical Interface and more Console ?

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                  The Solaris desktop has moved to a Gnome 3 one. I actually use it on my work desktop (with a virtualbox installation for any Windows applications that are needed). So I find the environment useful (a few tweaks here and there for personal preference on the Gnome 3 stuff). As for the package manager GUI indeed that has gone.  Packages that have been marked as Obsolete are gone from the release and will not be brought back into life (of course there are some special exceptions - we are moving those packages into a package namespace beinging with legacy - for example legacy/storage/fc-utilities). Solaris is a great general purpose OS and is targeted for the server side of the fence, thus 'less Graphical Interfaces and more Console' but Gnome  3 is there if wanted/needed (as I said I and many of my colleagues use Solaris 11.x on our desktops).




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