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    Working with Ubuntu


      Hi there.


      Long time SQL Developer user, first time caller.


      I've been using SQL Developer on a lot of platforms for a long time, initially on Solaris, but more recently on Ubuntu.


      On Solaris I used to use the tarball, but on Ubuntu, for convenience, I've been using the RPM converted with Alien to a DEB file:

      root@EID-4546:~# alien -dvck sqldeveloper-


      (I like the way that you can make the command line arguments look like "duck")


      this has been working well for me, until the new updated launch bar interface started showing the icons twice (once for the launch, and once for the running application).


      I've found that the easy fix for this is to modify the ".desktop" file in /usr/share/appliations/ to include 1 extra line:



      now it might not be needed on a lot of platforms, and it's not a major issue, but every time I upgrade the SQL Developer I have to remember to re-edit the desktop launch file, and there is a (small) possibility that this might help other people on other Linux platforms.