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    Upgrade Planning




      Oracle Support- 11+ hours ago[ODM Data Collection]





      Environment details:
      PeopleTools: 8.54.30 ( from SR description )
      Application: FSCM 8.8 ( from SR description )
      Database: SQL Server 2016 ( from SR description )
      Platform: Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) 2012 R2 ( from SR header )


      Customer statement:
      Our client is upgrading from FSCM 8.8 to 9.2. As it is a 2 hop upgrade, we need more information on the certified paths for the upgrade
      Current version: 8.8 & PT 8.54.30 & DB SQL Server 2016
      We are planning for the below approach
      Hop1- 8.8 (8.54) to 9.1 FP2(8.54) - Just application upgrade
      Hop2- 9.1(8.54) to 9.2 PI 26 (8.56) -Tools and application upgrade


      We are clear on point 2 above


      Question related to point 1 above:
      Reference: Doc ID 1392245.1 Document PeopleSoft Financials/Supply Chain Management 8.8x to 9.1 Feature Pack 2 Upgrade Home Page


      Above reference mentions that last PeopleTools release this upgrade path (8.8 to 9.1 FP2) was certified with is PeopleTools 8.52.
      So, what is our option as our current production 8.8 is already on 8.54. Can we still proceed with the application upgrade for Hop1


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          Vijey Chinnaraj Anthony

          We recently went live with HCM 9.2 (8.55.14) & FSCM 9.2 (8.55.14) from 9.1 (PT 8.54) version.


          HCM for example:


          Hop1 - Per oracle recommendation, we did a major patching upgrade (Mp9, Bundles 14 thru 21) + People tools 8.55.06 upgrade

          Hop2 - then we upgraded out Application version to 9.2 (HCM & FSCM) plus PT upgraded to 8.55.14


          1) I think you can Hop1 and then do Hop 2 option, this will be a two separate projects and time consuming. One advantage of this method is you can catch up with your customizations as 9.2 application version is completely different with all the fluid changes.


          2) If you decide to choose Hop 2 option directly then, as far as the application version this will be a huge change, brining the customizations will be bit challenging, thorough Fit-Gap & Keep Drop needs to be done.


          Depending upon your project timeline and available budget, etc., you can decide and choose the best method which works for your organization.


          Also, In your case, for 8.8 application version I think Oracle might have already stopped the support. please refer oracle documentations to find the certified upgrade path and proceed accordingly.

          Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks