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    EBS Performance


      EBS version R12.2.5 and DB


      Instance is performing very slow , navigating from one page/form to another form is taking 5-10 min. But after the restart of the service, performance came to normal.

      The same issue occur after somedays and restart of service bring normal.


      Please suggest how to trouble shoot?

      What all need to check ?

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          Gather stats concurrent program scheduled on weekly basis?


          if not run the program and check the performance





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            Yes, it is running

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              Describe your architecture please.


              Are you using a separate middle tier from the database tier?


              Are you using Linux? HugePages/Large Pages on other Operating Systems?


              If on Linux, please run free -m and report memory usage next time before you restart services and after.

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                Database is in one node and application in other server.


                If memory (free -m) high, such case what need to check?

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                  You need to look at -/+ buffers/cache line.  In this case, the server had 256G and about 108G is used, so about 150G free.


                  free -m

                              total      used        free     shared    buffers    cached

                  Mem:        258445    257492        953          0        145    149149

                  -/+ buffers/cache:    108196     150248

                  Swap:        16385       748      15637

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                    As mentioned, Gather Stats & CPU/RAM utilization at OS level to be checked for any resource crunch.


                    1. Please go through AWR report (for 60 min interval) during the problematic period. This is to check any expensive DML/Query in the system (or) Concurrent Manger sub-system.


                    2. Please go through the output of bde_chk_cbo.sql as per note 174605.1  to check whether init.ora are in tact.




                    N Kandasamy