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    Flashlight vs. F11


      I'm looking for a brief explanation of the difference between using the Flashlight (Find) icon in the upper left of OA versus using F11-Ctrl-F11 to find information on the form.

      One of my users noticed different results today between using the two, so I'm wondering what would cause that.  We are on 12.1.3.


      For this particular example, we are on the Approved Supplier List in Purchasing.  She is searching for an item that is Inactive in the Item Master.

      If she does F11 on the ASL form, we then get an error upon Ctrl-F11 (APP-FND-00906: You can only query existing flexfield code combinations)

      - this makes sense to me since the item is Inactive.

      - Query by Example has the same results


      However if we then use the flashlight on the same form, the item comes up in the Find screen and brings back an ASL result.

      Shouldn't the 2 functionalities have the same results? If not, I would like an explanation of why not/what is the difference.  Ultimately which is the more reliable method to use?