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    Suggestion on moving only OWB RDBMS



      I would like to move only the RDBMS part of an environment.

      Some more details: scrrently I have a windows machine (installed some time ago by guys not in place now) where I have a monolitic OWB 11gR2 + Apex setup installed.

      Eg, if I query the installed RDBMS I see this in dba_registry:



      ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------

      Oracle Application Express


      Oracle Enterprise Manager

      OLAP Catalog


      Oracle Multimedia

      Oracle XML Database

      Oracle Text

      Oracle Expression Filter

      Oracle Rules Manager

      Oracle Workspace Manager

      Oracle Database Catalog Views

      Oracle Database Packages and Types

      JServer JAVA Virtual Machine

      Oracle XDK

      Oracle Database Java Packages

      OLAP Analytic Workspace

      Oracle OLAP API


      18 rows selected.


      I would like to move only the RDBMS part to a dedicated Oracle Linux 7.4 server.

      If I understood correctly, for OWB there are some special "enteprise" features embedded into a standard RDBMS installation.

      Is there any simple method to complete the move operation?

      My initial idea was to move the RDBMS and then change the tnsnames.ora of the windows server, so that the presentation layer remains inside it but the data part is away.

      In the mean time I downloaded official docs and I'm going to analyze them, as actually it seems not so simple.

      I just tried a test expdp/impdp operation to get a neutral insight and obviously I'm getting some errors regarding special profiles/featues that fail to import into an 11gR2 + Oct 17 patch standard edition pre-created database on Oracle Linux 7.4.

      If possible I would like to avoid a complete reinstall/setup...

      Any advice would be welcome.


      BTW: during my tests of clean DB creation on the Linux box I noticed that using dbca for rdbms creation, I can select owb and apex components only if I choose the option with pre-installed datafiles, where Oracle does a sort of rman clone starting from a dbf backup inside the installation sw. Is this by design or is it a bug?


      Thanks in advance,