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    PO Approval Push Notifications are not received on EBS Approvals Enterprise Distribution app

    Subba Rao Bhamidipati



      We downloaded Oracle EBS Approvals MAA file from enterprise distribution and deployed to iOS devices using TestFlight.

      Our use case is to enable "Push Notifications" for EBS Approvals app. We did all necessary setups on both EBS (12.1.3, patched up to Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Foundation Release 7.0) and on MCS. We followed all steps mentioned in documentation: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26401_01/doc.122/e64384/T656045T667296.htm#mobile_pushsys



      We are able to download the app to devices and login to the app with EBS users. When we do this, in EBS we could see all users are properly registered in table "FND_MBL_NOTIF_REGISTRATIONS".

      Below is the record inserted for MMCGUIRE user who has some PO approvals assigned to him


      49 128 MMCGUIRE APA91bE15GrJRVDyn2IDRAhVIugimgR4w3-Co5PbWujGnSS3CVQVdKOpOEJwM8CIXknZ5BIvZqrjR5t6Tsq3kdRcrv7bI8-45W3IrL_lNBLcWNOjMWsSWo0LeAIspiLccHPj-BI4smK5o0t-DBE6v- 1oh_k606NvmA REGISTERED en-US com.sofbang.ebs.atg.app.Approvals 439fa0e2-1d34-4da2-88e0-e7449ac0d883 08-FEB-18 37251 08-FEB-18


      Now, when MMCGUIRE "Approve" any PO, the next level approver is getting the task assigned to him but no push notification is sent.

      When we query APPS.FND_MBL_NOTIFICATIONS table, we see no rows in that table.


      As per documentation, we configured a new "Mobile Application" with "APplication Bundle Id" = "com.sofbang.ebs.atg.app.Approvals" and configured "Push Notifications". There are no errors and "Push Service Component" status is showing "Running". In addition, we are able to see correct iOS and Android user count updated in EBS Mobile Application Manager screen.

      Attached some screenshots in this regard.


      This is an urgent requirement and appreciate quick help on this.