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    Total Unique Open Rate Calculated Incorrectly?


      I pulled a basic email analysis report in Eloqua of 5 emails. It showed the total unique opens to be less than the sum of each email's unique opens. I am guessing this means the total contacts who opened an email (some contacts received more than 1 email). Fair enough. But then, to calculate the total unique open rate it took the total unique opens number and divided it by the total number of emails delivered. So for example, if you send 50 contacts 2 emails each, the max number of unique opens you could possibly have is 50, but the total deliveries is 100, so the max theoretical unique open rate is 50%.


      To me this method of calculating unique open rate is completely useless. Wouldn't it make much more sense to calculate it as the total number of unique opens divided by the total number of contacts emailed? Then at least it's showing you something (% of contacts who have opened at least 1 email), whereas the current methodology gives you an arbitrary number.