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    javapackager - how to force install path


      I'm using javapackager to create self extracting executables with a jre bundled internally, javapackager has a dependency on Inno Setup 5, which I have installed.

      We need the self extracting installation exe to install the app in a specific drive/folder location.

      Thus far, I have not been able to find a way to pass that parm to javapackager and subsequently to Inno.

      Inno does provide configuration files (.iss) that have a name value pair for that  ,DefaultDirName, when using Inno as a standalone compiler/packager.

      Interestingly, a .iss file is generated as a result of javapackager’s invocation to Inno, examination of this config provides some good insight into which parms are passed from javapackager to Inno. These are created in tmp folders, but are not reused in subsequent calls to javapackager, I was hoping they were, as that would be a suitable workaround.

      If there were a way to pass an .iss file or if there is a parm to pass this DefaultDirName value to javapackager, please let me know.