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    duplicate move order created for replenishment




      we are using a combination of "min-max planning report" and "move order pick slip" in a reques set to generate replenishment tasks for our users using scan guns to supply our WIP locations with material. We would like to turn this request set to an automatic schedule to be running every 10 or 15 minutes looking into the location for any need for additional replenishment.


      Right now the stat is when we run the request set, the move orders and replenishment tasks are created but when the set runs again, it does not consider already created and planned move orders creating another set of move order based on the current state in the subinventory which results in duplicate replenishment tasks.


      Is there any way for the programs to consider already created replenishments leading to not creating another ones when it is not necessary?


      For this purpose would it be helpful if we used other requests or another set of requests?


      Thank you,


      Michal Kotmel